Dirty Window Screens Distort Your View!

Cleaning window screens can be as simple as a quick dust off with a soft brush to minimize risk of damage.

Now, a quick dust off is great, if you are doing this every Week or Month.

But, once or twice a year, you've really got to get down and deep clean to remove the other "stuff" that sticks to a screen and can't be removed by light brushing alone.

Essentially, what that comes down to, is soaping up, agitating, rinsing, and drying.

This is not a huge chore if you go about it methodically.

Find a nice open space with a handy water source for the garden hose, and a nice place to lean the clean screens to dry.

Grab a small bucket, your favorite dishwashing liquid, a natural sponge, and some towels.

You will want to use less than a teaspoon of liquid soap in a gallon of water. I just use a couple of drops in a small bucket.
If you add the soap to the water, you will get less suds in the bucket, but won't make any difference on the screens.

Collect the screens...

Bring a Fine tip permanent pen the first time you do this.
You will want to label each screen and each window frame to asure that you are replacing the proper screen in each window.
You can label the top left corner of each screen frame on the edge where it will be hidden when in place. And then you can mark the lower left inside of the track of the window frame where the screen frame will cover it.

I use a simple labeling scheme.
Ground floor
F1, F2, F3...  R1, R2, R3... B1, B2, B3... , L1, L2, L3...
Second floor
U1, U2, U3, U4...

You can stack the screens by relative sizes to speed cleaning and reduce wear and tear. If you have the space.

Gently spray down a stack of window screens with the garden hose to knock of the easy stuff.

Grab your sponge, loaded with soapy water, and gently scrub the top screen on the stack.
Flip that one over and repeat on the back.

Rinse the screen with the garden hose.

Gently tap the screen on the ground to remove most of the water.

Wipe down the Frame with a towel to remove excess dirt and water.
Paying attention to the corners and edges of the material.

Set that frame aside to dry and move onto the next screen in the stack.

Go off and do something else for a while, like cleaning the windows since you've now got the screens out of the way.

When you are ready to return the window screens, it is easy to just grab the ones for each side of the house (remember the labels?) and put them in place by matching the numbers.

14 Day Rain Guarantee
If it rains within 14 days of your window cleaning appointment, we will happily schedule to come out and re-clean the exterior of any windows that were dirtied by the weather.