What Window Cleaning Solution Should You Use?

There is NO, single, perfect, window cleaning solution for every possible situation.

We look at it from the perspective of using a good, solid, General Purpose window washing solution.
We then use that as the base for other window cleaner recipes, or we choose an alternative.

The primary job of your window washing solution is to help break down the bond between the dirt and the glass, and then suspend that dirt until it is squeegeed off.

There are a number of window washing solutions available, below is a quick list of some of the more popular in the Window cleaning community.


You might note that it is not mentioned anywhere other than here.

  • Dawn
  • Glass Gleam 3
  • Glisten
  • Joy
  • Glass Gleam 4
  • Unger Pill

Personally, we are currently using the Glass Gleam 4 and 3.

GG3 is premixed and carried on site, mixed with water from the reverse osmosis filter.

GG4 is formulated for hard water (high dissolved mineral content),  and we even use slightly more than the recommended 1/4 ounce per gallon after some testing and adjusting with our water supply. Yours will be different. Chico, CA has hard water. 

Your basic dish soaps are very well liked by many window cleaners. Dawn, Joy, and other dish soaps can do the job.

But with dish soaps, it is all about using less. Think, drops per gallon...

I like to add a couple of drops to my basic window cleaner if I have to deal with greasy or smokey glass.

These basic window cleaning solutions will get a window "clean"  but they will not take off everything.

If used with basic window cleaning tools you can maintain a window with nothing but dishsoap and water.

14 Day Rain Guarantee
If it rains within 14 days of your window cleaning appointment, we will happily schedule to come out and re-clean the exterior of any windows that were dirtied by the weather.