Why Aren't You Washing Windows?

If you want your glass to be the cleanest, for the longest amount of time, you should be washing windows.

Spraying on some odorous chemical and then wiping that off with a cloth is laborious and tends to leave streaks.

That method works fine for quick touch-ups, but what happens when you go to do a deep cleaning twice a year to maintain your investment?

Now that method becomes a major chore.
  • Spray on
  • Wipe Off
  • Check for streaks
  • Found Streaks, Repeat all of the above.
  • No Streaks, move on to next window.
You could spend a couple of hours doing just the inside with the spray on - wipe off meathod.

How to Wash Windows

If you are washing windows, you are applying a water based window cleaning solution with an agitator. This causes the dirt to be suspended in the water, which is then squeegeed dry in one or 2 motions.

A quick wipe around the edges with with a towel, and you've got a clean, dry window.

Don't get me wrong,
This is not a quick process unless you've done it a few thousand times.
But even just starting out, it is a less laborious method.

Window Washing Equipment

You don't need a lot of equipment for washing windows, although some tools make life nicer if you are doing a lot of windows.

Here's the basics of what you will need:
  • Squeegee
  • Applicator/scrubber  (could even be a sea sponge)
  • Bucket and/or squeeze bottle
  • A bunch of Lint Free towels 
  • Window cleaning solution

Water Stain Removal

Once you've gotten your windows nice and clean, you will find things that are a bit more attracted to the glass.
There is no sure fire way of removing water stains.

If you only have a stage 1 set of water spots, they can usually be removed with a number of safe methods.
  • White scrubby pad (non abrasive)
  • 0000 Steel wool  (NO Rust!)
  • Commercial Water Stain Remover (Bio-Clean is one we like)
  • And some good old elbow grease
If you've moved into stage 2 stains, It is going to take much more drastic measures, and you would be better off hiring a professional or replacing the glass.
At this stage, the stains have altered the composition of the surface of the glass and that layer of "glass" would have to be physically removed through much more drastic measures.

14 Day Rain Guarantee
If it rains within 14 days of your window cleaning appointment, we will happily schedule to come out and re-clean the exterior of any windows that were dirtied by the weather.