How To Clean Windows


You want to know how to clean windows?

While it is possible to "clean" windows with a rag,paper towel, or newsprint and a spray on window cleaner, it takes WAAAYYY too much effort and time to get even a decent job done.

Cleaning windows can actually be a quick and easy job if you go about it the right way.

And the right way is actually more about washing windows.

I think of the spray and wipe method as being a spot cleaning method for getting rid of fingerprints between real cleanings. And even then, it tends to just smear the window.

So If you want to know how to clean windows, you've got to take a page from professional window washers.

It doesn't have to be a major chore to wash your windows instead of trying to use spray-on wipe-off methods.

What's in a name?

There are MANY "Window Cleaners"
who take offense at being called a
"Window Washer"

I call it the way I see it, I "Wash" windows with water and tiny amounts of soap. So, I call myself a window washer.

You need to start with the basic tools.
  • Squeegee
  • Strip Washer
  • Lint Free Towels
  • Bucket to throw everything in
  • Squeezable sports bottle ( for quick jobs)
If you are just out do do touchup work, it goes something like this.

Hold the strip washer against the window glass and squeeze some window cleaner onto the head until it is thoroughly wet.

Wet the glass with your washer, and then make another pass over the window applying some scrubbing action with a little pressure.

Drop the washer in your otherwise dry bucket and grab your squeegee.

Starting in a top corner with the squeegee up against the edges, pull gently on the handle while applying light pressure, and glide the blade to the other side of the window. Up/down or sideways doesn't really matter.

Dry the squeegee with one towel, and move it to where it will overlap the last pass by about 2 inches and repeat.

Then grab a second towel (DRY) and wipe around the edges of the window with just a finger tip.

And you are done with that window.

With a little practice, it takes no more time to grab your "kit" and wash a few windows, than it does to try to do it the way your mother taught you how to clean windows.

14 Day Rain Guarantee
If it rains within 14 days of your window cleaning appointment, we will happily schedule to come out and re-clean the exterior of any windows that were dirtied by the weather.